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Initially we received a multitude of spam from bark.com. We eventually decided to sign up as a supplier and almost immediately received "leads." However, the bulk of these came through at VERY odd hours of the day - 02.30 hrs, 03.00 hrs etc - all from people allegedly based in The UK.

These so called leads also came for extremely odd names - Oxy, Spock, No name etc. I think you get the picture.. These so called leads are clearly fake and designed to encourage suppliers to respond to them using "credits" which have to be purchased in bulk. Yet another money making machine for the owner of the site and with no consideration for the customers (if genuine) and the suppliers.

Personally, I would advise anyone reading this to avoid the site. If you are a genuine potential customer, find a reputable company to take your job and if you are a supplier, do not pay these people a penny!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Com Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Just had an email from Kate Potter from Bark.com All I can say is that their site is absolute rubbish and she would be better off leaving it to Harry. As for Kevin the carrot.

If he turns out to be a bigamist then he has got a death wish for being boiled slowly. Regards


I tried contacting these people after receiving a surprise lead. I had not signed up with them.

The lead gave a persons name and said she was from a town one over from me. It gave her email. I contacted it. It was bogus.

I tried contacting Bark by hitting reply to the woman’s name who sent me the lead. The mail came back a non valid address....stay away from Bark .


Yes i found them the same not had contact from any of the leads posted and paid for something amiss here ithink not sure what draw your own conclusions


I all of a sudden started receiving these emails from them, so basically from what i have read, stay away?


Yes agreed all leads are fake to make you spend money. Bombarding with nonsense emails. ALso your contacts are exposed to spammers


Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Getting leads which I suspect are fake.


Exact same name and date, but different areas. (And not a common name either)


Horrible customer service. You sign up with inject funds for their dead leads & they do not support you when call to discuss. Shame on such a platform!


Same here. Complete scam.


now spamming me


When I find who the *** is sending them, i will rein holy *** down upon them.


Had three emails from, Kate Potter told the sender a week ago to get lost even put then in my junk mail list to block and they are still getting through, it is a scam 100% how do you close them down

to John #1544771

Just to add to my comment I have been in business for 20-years and got bombarded with offers to advertise in local free publications supposedly by the Council; Fire Brigade and Police by companies saying they represented them even after saying no we got a sample publication with an advert we did not authorize and a bill for £390 it took 12-months to get them off our back after they threatened legal acting for non-payment, when I contacted other supposed advertisers one person had paid over £6,000 and not got one job for bogus adverts, be warned tell them to get lost you won't get any business out of them and they wont get any money out of you


Same experience with some very odd timed leads for potential Accounting clients. My impression is that basically this is spam mail and I am avoiding all contact.


Bark.com is a load of rubbish a Money-making scam got loads of lead not one took me up on it despite a me offering perfect service one after the other turned me down then I became suspicious


complete waste of £100


I must say after being a top pro on Thumbtack site. Bark is 100% better.

Much lower fee, less pros to bid against and leads do require contact numbers unlike thumbtack. granted thumbtack sent out more leads (but many seemed to be fake) at end of the day Bark is a better deal


I received loads of "leads" and decided to follow one up as I recognised the source, it turned out that they had never made an enquiry through Bark and were not looking for any suppliers either! You could easily be duped into thinking that all the enquiries were genuine and pay out a fortune with nothing in return. Money-making scam!

to Joe #1531983

Absolutely, I was ready to put 3,000$ into this but I figure it was too good to be true.


Total and utter waste of money. The quality of the leads is atrocious 95% of the time and even the ones that sound genuine, don't answer emails or don't pick up the phone. Stay clear!


Reminds me of thumbtack.com. Check out the reviews: http://www.dotresults.com/2013/08/01/thumbtack-com-review-a-social-service-marketplace-both-wins-and-woes/#comment-4811

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