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Initially we received a multitude of spam from bark.com. We eventually decided to sign up as a supplier and almost immediately received "leads." However, the bulk of these came through at VERY odd hours of the day - 02.30 hrs, 03.00 hrs etc - all from people allegedly based in The UK.

These so called leads also came for extremely odd names - Oxy, Spock, No name etc. I think you get the picture.. These so called leads are clearly fake and designed to encourage suppliers to respond to them using "credits" which have to be purchased in bulk. Yet another money making machine for the owner of the site and with no consideration for the customers (if genuine) and the suppliers.

Personally, I would advise anyone reading this to avoid the site. If you are a genuine potential customer, find a reputable company to take your job and if you are a supplier, do not pay these people a penny!

Review about: Bark Com Leads.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bark.com is a load of rubbish a Money-making scam got loads of lead not one took me up on it despite a me offering perfect service one after the other turned me down then I became suspicious


complete waste of £100


I must say after being a top pro on Thumbtack site. Bark is 100% better.

Much lower fee, less pros to bid against and leads do require contact numbers unlike thumbtack. granted thumbtack sent out more leads (but many seemed to be fake) at end of the day Bark is a better deal


I received loads of "leads" and decided to follow one up as I recognised the source, it turned out that they had never made an enquiry through Bark and were not looking for any suppliers either! You could easily be duped into thinking that all the enquiries were genuine and pay out a fortune with nothing in return. Money-making scam!

to Joe #1531983

Absolutely, I was ready to put 3,000$ into this but I figure it was too good to be true.


Total and utter waste of money. The quality of the leads is atrocious 95% of the time and even the ones that sound genuine, don't answer emails or don't pick up the phone. Stay clear!


Reminds me of thumbtack.com. Check out the reviews: http://www.dotresults.com/2013/08/01/thumbtack-com-review-a-social-service-marketplace-both-wins-and-woes/#comment-4811


Thank you .. I thought it was odd also...


Total rubbish whats the point of them proposing cleaners and gardeners 50 miles away and further don't waste your time. Bark is rubbish.


Discovered the same thing with Thumbtack. They all scam to deplete credits/payments.


I never subscribed to them, and believe they used a bot to scrape my email address off a website. After receiving 87 unsolicited emails with "leads" in less than a month, I set up my mail program to automatically forward a copy of each message they send to me right back to them, in addition to another message informing them they have been blocked for spamming.

So, for every email they send to me, they will receive two in return. We'll see how that works.

If I have any more issues, I will not hesitate to report them to the authorities. They obviously monitor these forums in an attempt to hide the bad reviews from search engines.


Couldn't agree more having unfortunately fallen into the trap myself. There are genuine leads as I have had a couple of jobs off there.

I just think that they are few and far between. Apart from what has already been suggested, what I found also is how remarkably that out of 4 or 5 leads I had emailed for the town I lived in, ALL of them were for the same postcode I live in!


Bought 6 leads with credits and none of them were even ready to jump and commit to a website yet. But Bark made it seemed like these leads were ready to purchase now. Most of these leads were bogus and not remotely interested.


Yup - I received 23 email referrals in one day even though I've never had contact with them before. Unsubscribed and tried to email a reply to politely ask them to stop emailing me.

Not surprised when this bounced! No legitimate company would act like this...


Bark.com starting sending me FAKE referrals without my consent or request for subscription. Their SPAM encouraged me to reach out to mentally ill people to solicit their business.

I wrote to Bark to advise them that it is unethical to solicit people for mental health services. Some idiot wrote back contradicting me, stating that it is not unethical despite my warnings to them as a mental health doctor.Bark is dangerous, unethical and abusive.

Companies like bark are the embodiment of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. BEWARE!


Thanks to a tool called spamasssin, any mail from bark.com is quarantined. These emails started last week, with no explanation.

Always from the same "people". I read the note below, from is suppose to come from bark.com customer service.If they are legitimate, then their domain has been hijacked by a hacker, and is sending out scam e-mails. Which also means, they have poor security, and using them, may put your credit card, debit card or ban k account at risk.

If someone can break in and send out scam e-mails, the probably have stolen financial information, as well.Thus, block their e-mail, by whatever means you have. And, contact your state attorney general (US) or other legal authorities (UK and elsewhere).


They just started sending me unsolicited emails promising me clients "in my area," but the areas they mention are actually thousands of miles from me. It's the worst-designed scam ever. I now just filter their emails at the server level and have them deleted before they ever hit my inbox.


Great idea with poor execution. I paid $100 for credits and chased 10 Photography leads.

I got one call back that went nowhere. Most lead descriptions were extremely vague about what they wanted or needed so I could not offer an estimate on my response to the leads.. I think Bark should require that their leads MUST contact each vendor that responds.

It seems fair given that vendors are paying for leads and should be given a chance to get the job, not be met with silence. Otherwise it looks like a scam to me.


BARK IS A SCAM!!!!! ANY Joe DOE can sign up and request a vendor like photo or video and use an email address and fake phone # I just tried it and I got three leads from myself ..LOL within 5 min.



it was money down the toilet for me. I spent about £300 and every lead was worthless, I did not get a single response, even when I offered a really cheap price.

My wife tried it as well for her business, and same result.

Best avoided, waste of money.

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